The Truth About Corn Syrup

Dec 07

Not sure if you’ve seen these actual commercials, but they crack me up. I wanted to post the original here, but it seems the corn syrup marketing geniuses have caught wind of the fact that they are being ridiculed all over the internet, and they have removed them. Too bad. I was curious why they making commercials for high fructose corn syrup at all, and who the hell is funding them? It just seems like an image enhancement…that inevitably goes awry because the fact is that shit is bad for you and making a commercial telling people “your body doesn’t know the difference” and “Corn syrup is good for you in moderation” is bullshit and people are smarter than to believe a friendly looking actor in a corn field. We are all aware that what ever is in that crazy processed mess they put in so much of our food, is causing diabetes and other health problems.

Anyways I made this spoof a little while back, it’s based on the real commercial, just with a couple little twist-a-roos.

The beginning of the commercial I was spoofing is seen in this video that has some nice actual facts about corn syrup.

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