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Tim Gunn’s Project Strip Club

Feb 29

Here’s Liam’s latest video; Project Strip Club, it’s pretty dirty (definitely not safe for work), but I think it’s pretty hilarious.  My character’s hero is Baby Spice, because she thinks guys think babies are hot.  She’s not smart.  We got to shoot with the talented, beautiful, and funny, Misty Monroe, Christine Lakin, and Tammy Minoff, they are all amazing women.  Hope you enjoy the video, let me know what you think!

First ADVANCED SHOW at the Groundlings complete!

Feb 28

We did our first show last night.  It was awesome!!!  We had a great audience it was super fun.  Now the twelve of us are back to writing our butts off for show number 2.  This is the talented group of folks I get to play with.


Here is Kirstin Eggers, Sofia Gonzalez, and me backstage before doing a sketch I wrote called “Good Idea.”



Feb 21

GUYS! I’m so excited!!! On Monday, February 27th I’m going to be performing my first Advanced Show at the Groundlings, “Extremely Loud and Incredibly Advanced!” I wish you could all come, but it’s a sold out show. I’ll post all the funny live sketches though so you can see what happened.

For those of you who have no idea what the Groundlings is, it’s a comedy theater in LA where some of the greatest performers in our time have studied and gone on to be members of the company, people like Kristen Wiig, Will Ferrell, Melissa McCarthy, Phil Hartman, and endless more. I’m so honored and excited to have made it through to the end of the program, it’s super competitive and tough, but it’s the best comedy training in the world!


Feb 10


Meet Gina! She’s got a lot of great ideas of how you can make money and have fun with your friends!






Feb 09


This fall, after ABC has run out of ideas for shows, they put on this dramatic take of what it’s like behind the desks of the busiest Police station in in LA. Someone’s got to file all those Papers. Tune in for Paper Work.




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